Expertise Centre Genetics of Companion Animals

Healthy breeding
Although heritable diseases and harmful breed characteristics are very important from a social, veterinary and comparative biomedical perspective, quantitative insight is lacking. The clinical, epidemiological and molecular genetic aspects that play a role have never been compared to one another for the Dutch breed populations. Yet, this is vital in order to deal with the ‘purebred dog problem’. Veterinarians can only advise breeders on how to breed in a healthier and focused manner if they know which diseases occur at what frequency, and what diagnostic options are available.

Breeding of purebred animals
The Expertise Centre Genetics of Companion Animals combines the needed multi-disciplinary knowledge and infrastructure within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals. It brings together knowledge of clinical genetics, population genetics and molecular genetics. Together with primary-care veterinarians, we can optimally supervise the breeding of purebred animals. The ambition is to provide a real contribution to improving the health of purebred dogs and cats in the Netherlands.

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