MIRACLE-project: mid-infrared arthroscopy probe

MIRACLE will take towards commercialisation the first mid-infrared (MIR) arthroscopy probe for in-depth evaluation of articular cartilage, enabling early diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis

The MIRACLE project joins 13 European partners from six countries and is coordinated by the University of Oulu. MIRACLE will implement and demonstrate an easy-to-operate mid-infrared (MIR) imaging-probe to be used during arthroscopic surgery enabling in-depth diagnosis of articular cartilage. In current clinical practice, the articular cartilage assessment during arthroscopic surgery is solely based by visual inspection and manual probing of the cartilage tissue, which is highly subjective and of poor repeatability. MIRACLE will enable the in vivo accurate evaluation of the biochemical status and composition of articular cartilage which is a reflectance of the functional properties of the tissue.

Utrecht University end-user
The division of surgery of the Department of Equine Sciences of Utrecht University contributes to this project as an ‘end-user’ with in vitro and in vivo studies in horses for establishment of the clinical applicability of the instrument in order to assist the orthopedic surgeon to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy tissue and, subsequently, in more objective decision making during arthroscopic surgery. For more information see the website of the project.



Start date: 1-1-2018 

End date:  30-6-2021

Project's coordinator

Gabriela S. Lorite Yrjänä, University of Oulu

Group members

Harold Brommer

René van Weeren