Finishing your PhD

Completing your PhD is something to celebrate! The PhD defence ceremonies of Utrecht University take place in the University Hall in the centre of Utrecht. During the ceremony, you will defend your thesis in front of a Doctoral Examination Committee, where you will pledge to act with academic and research integrity. At the end of the ceremony, you will receive a diploma written in Latin (degree certificate), an English translation of the Latin and a legally valid confirmation in English of your Doctoral Degree. You will only receive 1 original of the degree certificate. If you applied for a Training Certificate of the GSLS, you will receive that as well.

The UU webpage Required actions to complete a PhD programme shows a timeline what to arrange when. You can find additional information about the requirements for the defence ceremony in the Doctoral Degree Regulations (English and Dutch) and PhD manual (pdf) of Utrecht University. The Beadle‚Äôs Office advises on and assists with PhD ceremonies.

Information specific for GSLS PhD candidates