After your PhD

Many of you will start your PhD journey with the idea to become an academic researcher one day. Some of you will continue in academia, while most of you will continue with a career outside academia. We will help you prepare for a professional career, be it as an academic researcher, industry leader, science educator or journal editor.

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, KNAW) investigated careers outside academia of individuals who obtained a doctoral degree and how employers value them. They concluded that PhDs are often more advanced in their development than employees with Master’s degrees: “In particular, PhDs are better at working independently and thematically, documenting (including writing publications) and oral presentations.” Also, research skills and knowledge are well appreciated: “In addition, employers appreciate the fact that PhDs have specialised in a particular field and have therefore mastered a broader and deeper range of research skills. Employers can make good use of PhDs’ specialised knowledge and specific skills.”

To prepare you for your future, we offer a wide variety of trainings to develop your academic and transferable competencies. Have a look at PhD Training Programme and the PhD Course Centre.

You can also take part in workshops and events like PhACE (PhD Activating Career Event), or make use of workshops or individual coaching offered by Career Services to explore options for your future career steps after your PhD.