Supervisor of the Year Award

Every year the GSLS PhD council organises the PhD Supervisor of the Year (SoY) award ceremony.

Supervision is one of the key factors influencing the course of a PhD journey. PhD surveys indicate that a professional relationship between PhD candidates and supervisors is pivotal for a successful PhD journey. Within the GSLS we aim to provide support for both the PhD candidate and the supervisors to help them in building a good and professional relationship. A good and frequent communication, management of expectations and giving and receiving feedback are crucial components of this relationship. Because supervision is such an important component, the GSLS PhD Council organises the PhD Supervisor of the Year (SoY) award ceremony.

Once a year, the GSLS PhD candidates receive the invitation to nominate their (co-)supervisors. They can describe why they think that their (co-)supervisor is a brilliant scientist, a role model, accessible, enthusiastic, or just great in any other way. By nominating their (co-)supervisor they show their appreciation for the way of supervision and we would like to inspire other (co-)supervisors to guide their PhD candidates in the best way possible.

From the list of nominees, the SoY committee of the PhD council carefully creates a shortlist and subsequently interviews the PhD candidates that nominated their (co-)supervisor. Based on this, the committee then selects a supervisor of the year (promotor) and co-supervisor of the year (copromoter).

Make sure to visit this event and be inspired how (co-)supervisors and PhD candidates interact and communicate in a great and satisfying way!