Supervising PhD Candidates: Next Level

This advanced training is for supervisors that know the playing field and principles of research supervision.

During 3 sessions (covering ca. 8 weeks) a number of selected themes is addressed in a safe, open setting. Generally, participants in this training have their own research group/lab, are at (associate) professor level, and have a formal role within their department or faculty. There is an intake and a follow-up meeting, and attention for themes at the institutional level. Independently, participants work on a personal learning question. Using the existing literature (a.o. Kearns & Finn 2017) participants will analyse cases and practice within and outside their comfort zone via assignments and coaching. Participants have supervised at least 5 PhDs until the finish line.

The PhD Course Centre organizes this training for the first time in October - December 2022. Please find more information at the course page.


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