PhD training

Getting your PhD is more than just conducting a research project. It is also a time where you can develop, improve or refine your academic and transferable skills. The combination of research capabilities and individual skills will prepare you for a bright career beyond the walls of Utrecht University. Below, we provide you with more detail in ‘Objectives of the PhD training programme’ and ‘Learning outcomes for PhD candidates’.

The PhD programmes offer education in discipline-relevant research skills and knowledge, while the PhD Course Centre offers programme-overarching courses tailored to developing other academic and transferable competencies. Your PhD programme coordinator can give you information about the training that the particular programme offers. Have a look at the website of the PhD Course Centre to find up-to-date education programmes.

Also check compulsory training. You have the responsibility to subscribe for compulsory courses and provide course certificates when you apply for your doctoral graduation at Utrecht University.

When you graduate as a PhD, you can request a GSLS Training Certificate.

Please note that you do not have to register the courses  that you have followed in MyPhD. MyPhD contains a section to register courses, which might cause confusion. The courses you enter there are not checked by anyone. You can enter them for your own registration if you like. However, we advise to save your course list and certificates digitally yourself, so you can send them to your PhD programme coordinatior when applying for the Training Certificate.