PhD Competences and Skills

PhD candidates should be equipped to pursue a career inside or outside academia after their PhD track. Excellence in the doctorate training of PhD candidates as highly qualified future professionals in an international environment is essential. The Graduate School of Life Sciences aims to create an infrastructure to promote and support this excellence. In collaboration with the collected University Medical Centers it has developed a PhD Competence Model. The emphasis of the model is on personal development and career orientation.

Core competences 

The PhD Competence Model consists of a set of core competences for PhD candidates. This set acts as a guideline for professional career development, and as recognition of acquired competences.

The symbols used for each competence relate to the courses and workshops offered in the PhD Course Centre Agenda.

  • Research Skills and Knowledge Research Skills and Knowledge
  • Responsible Conduct of Science Responsible Conduct of Science
  • Personal Effectiveness Personal Effectiveness
  • Communication Communication
  • Professional Development Professional Development
  • Leadership and Management Leadership and Management
  • Teaching Teaching

Self-assessment of competence development

We challenge PhD candidates to shape their own learning processes. Therefore we have developed a self-assessment tool that permits the PhD candidate to monitor her/his development during the PhD track. The tool helps the user to evaluate his/her level on a given competence and to define the competences (s)he may wish to improve. The tool is for self-assessment purposes only. It is explicitly not to be used as an appraisal or assessment tool.