Beadle’s Office

Beadle's office is responsible for the smooth running of Phd defences, inaugural lectures and other academic ceremonies.

The Beadle's office (left to right): Suzanne van Vliet, Judith Jens en Gitta Vink-Thoen.


The Beadle's office guides PhD candidates through the final stage of their PhD. Once the assessment committee is officially installed, PhD candidates may contact the beadle by email.

Beadle's office helps PhD candidates with:

  • establishing their defence date;
  • establishing the title page of their dissertation;
  • practical instructions for the defence itself.

Click here for more information about doing a PhD at UU.

Inaugural lectures

Newly appointed professors can contact the Beadle's office from the day of their appointment.

The Beadle's office helps professors with:

  • establishing a date for their inaugural lectures;
  • drafting the invitations;
  • practical information about the inaugural lecture itself.

For more information, please contact the Beadle's office at


Check the schedule for an overview of scheduled inaugural lectures, farewell lectures and PhD defences at the University Hall.


If you have any questions, contact one of the beadles, Judith Jens, Gitta Vink-Thoen and Suzanne van Vliet. Contact is preferably by email at, otherwise by phone 030 253 8259