Video Coaching

Would you like a better insight in how you use your didactic and coaching qualities in your supervision practice? Know how to optimize your interaction with students? Or would you like to focus on how you provide your feedback? These questions about your own supervision practice are the focus of the video coaching trajectory. 

Aim of video coaching 

Video coaching is a powerful form of coaching. The recordings of a meeting with your PhD candidate clearly show how you supervise and how the PhD candidate responds to this. In addition, you have the opportunity to look at yourself with some distance and with room for reflection, which gives a realistic self-image of your own skills. You will be coached by a certified video/didactic coach using video recordings of one of your supervisory meetings. Insights gained are directly applicable in your own supervision practice, and used to strengthen your didactic and coaching qualities. Video coaching can also be used when you want to optimize team supervision, for instance by using a video recording of a meeting with a co-supervisor. 

Instructional method

Based on video recordings of a supervisory meeting, you will gain insights about your way of supervision and reflect on this. An important element of video coaching is looking back at your own recordings, your own analysis and reflection on it (based on something you want to learn). The conversation with the coach enriches your reflection. We maintain a positive approach aimed at reinforcing successful interactions and interventions. You will come up with possible improvements that you can apply in your own supervision practice.

The process consists of an intake meeting in which your learning question will be investigated, two moments where the coach will film your supervisory meeting, and two follow-up meetings. During the second follow-up meeting, you will discuss how you implemented your acquired insights.


Dr. Jessica Hegeman, Educational consultant and trainer

Educational Consultancy & Professional Development (O&T), Utrecht University


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