Professional Consult

Would you like to make changes to the way you supervise, but don't know exactly how? Would you like to adopt a supervisor role outside your comfort zone, as it fits the needs of the PhD student? Would you like to implement supervision strategies to provide more autonomy for your PhD students? Would you like to change or review your way of assessing the progress, both on the level product and process? Would you like to use (peer) feedback more effectively? Would you like to optimize team supervision so that your student can thrive? These are only a few questions that that you may have as a supervisor.

Sometimes a short consultation is all you need to further optimize your way of supervision and consequently better support your PhD candidate in their learning process. You can easily enlist the help of a consultant from Educational Consultancy & Professional Development (O&T) who has expertise in this field. 

Professional consult is available for all (co-)supervisors and daily supervisors of GSLS PhD candidates that would like to further develop their way of supervision. Contact Jessica Hegeman via to schedule a professional consultation.