GSLS Training Certificate

In addition to your doctoral diploma and your thesis, you can apply for the GSLS Training Certificate, which demonstrates that you actively participated in doctoral education and developed your personal competencies.

During your PhD journey, you are responsible for collecting and saving the documentation (certificates of attendance) of the training activities you have followed. These build your PhD Training Portfolio. You can find the requirements in the Training and Supervision Agreement (TSA).

Your PhD programme coordinator, on behalf of the Board of Studies of the GSLS, will review your PhD Training Portfolio and decide if you qualify for the GSLS Training Certificate, i.e. if you meet the requirements. The GSLS Training Certificate is usually presented to you at the end of your PhD defence ceremony. Please request your GSLS Training Certificate at least 2 months before your defence using the application form.

Please note that you do not have to register your courses in MyPhD. MyPhD contains a section to register courses, which might cause confusion. The courses you enter there are not checked by anyone. You can enter them for your own registration if you like (or if your supervisors would like that; they can see them). However, we advise to save your course list and certificates digitally yourself, so you can send them to your PhD programme coordinatior when applying for the Training Certificate.