Responsibilities of PhD candidates

How can you excel during your PhD and make it a success? First of all, by taking responsibility as a PhD candidate. Setting up your research and acquiring the necessary skills in problem solving and communication is your responsibility. As a PhD candidate, you should possess, acquire, and/or refine the qualities necessary to mature into an independent researcher. We expect you to cultivate your talents. This will help you to prepare for a future career. You are also responsible for meeting the commitments linked to the funding of your doctoral research.

We have summarised the profile and responsibilities of a PhD candidate in two parts. The first part, Profile and research responsibilities of the PhD candidate, reflects our vision on your academic responsibilities as a junior researcher. The second part, Effective supervisor-PhD interaction: a two-way process , describes your responsibilities as a member of a research community and the interaction with your supervisory team, as well as your individual growth as a person.