Teaching and supervision skills

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Courses organised by the GSLS

Teaching in the International classroom

This course will appeal to academic staff who are interested in the intercultural and didactic implications of teaching in the international classroom. It has the practical aim of equipping academic staff to take on the challenges of university teaching in an international context. English-medium instruction (EMI) requires a methodological shift because EMI affects not only teaching performance but also has an impact on the participation and interaction with and among students.This course will provide hands-on practice and tailored strategies that can be implemented in your own teaching context. It is therefore important that you currently teach international students.

The course will be given during four morning or afternoon sessions. Interaction is a key element during this workshop and input from all participants is highly appreciated.

More information and application

The dates for the fall edition of 2020 are currently being scheduled. For application please email the registration form to Secretariat BMS.

For more information, read the course description or contact Marjan Batist- de Vos

Supervision of Master’s students

This course is organised by the PhD Course Centre of the Graduate School of Life Sciences and is aimed for its PhD candidates supervising Master's students during their research project. The course focusses on several topics, such as mutual duties and expectations, guidance models, general conversation skills, progress reviews, how to deal with difficult situations.

For more information, please have a look at the website of the PhD Course Centre or contact the coordinators of the PhD Course Centre: pcc@uu.nl.

Teaching Principles of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

Currently, this workshop is being revised and it will no longer be scheduled as a classroom workshop. We plan to offer an online variant in the near future.

This workshop helps you to get acquainted with several aspects of the Graduate School of Life Sciences and to get to know your colleagues.
The following topics are being discussed:

  • the organisation of the GSLS;
  • the vision, educational philosophy and the learning objectives of the GSLS;
  • the Rubrics of the research projects and the writing assignment of the GSLS.

Finally, participants will get an overview of the activities that are organised to stimulate the community of the GSLS, such as teacher lunches, education seminars, etc.

The workshop will be given during a morning or afternoon (3,5 hours). Interaction is a key element during this workshop and input from all participants is highly appreciated.

More information and application

For more information, please contact Marjan Batist- de Vos

Other courses and meetings within UU

Educational Consultancy & Professional Development

Educational Consultancy & Professional Development translates academic insights into the daily practice of teaching. As a teaching professional you can come to us throughout the course of your career for training, advice and solutions tailored to your specific teaching-related needs.


The Babel language institute is available for everybody who wants to extend their skills and knowledge. They organise language courses, communication workshops and science courses.

Expertise Centre of UMC Utrecht

The Expertise Centre of UMC Utrecht offers advice and courses for teachers of UMC Utrecht who want to develop their didactic skills. Their courses focus on small group teaching, how to make a good (digital) test, how to use Blackboard and how to assess papers and theses.

Teaching Academy Utrecht University (TAUU)

The TAUU is a platform organized by and intended for UU Teachers (from PhD students to professors). On this Dutch website you can find a lot of information in the 'Kennisbank' and you can meet and discus with other teachers about topics in the different fora. Monthly meetings are organized and scheduled in the TAUU agenda.

CAT Educational Leadership Programme (Onderwijskundig Leiderschap)

This course is organized in cooperation with the Centre for Academic Teaching of Utrecht University. This intensive course offers projects in curriculum development and innovation in teaching and is intended for senior teachers. Participants are selected by the dean of their faculty.