Annual PhD progress meeting

Besides being an employee, a PhD candidate can also be regarded as a student, pursuing an academic title. To monitor the progress of this educational track, the PhD candidate will provide a written PhD progress report each year, to be discussed with the supervisory team and independent advisors during the annual PhD progress meeting.

The report contains a standardised evaluation of all aspects of the work from the past period, insights into the project’s progress and re-evaluation by the PhD candidate and supervisors concerning the expectations of the PhD project. Evaluation of the training activities is included as well. The last progress report contains a plan for completion of the PhD journey. The format for the annual PhD progress report is available on the GSLS website. Although the content partially overlaps, this report is separate from the yearly performance review of PhD candidates employed by Utrecht University or the UMC Utrecht. Both annual reviews may efficiently be combined.

More information and documents can be found on the annual PhD progress meeting page for PhD candidates.