PhD Course Centre Agenda

In the PhD Course Centre Agenda we include all courses that the GSLS organises and other UU/UMCU courses that might be of your interest. At the bottom of each course page you can find contact details and registration link.

We offer offline courses at Utrecht Science Park as well as online courses. If the course is online, you can find that in the course title. Please check carefully if the course you would like to attend is offline or online.

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PhD Course Centre - Interest list
Too late to register for your favourite course or is the course not available right now? Via the registration link at the course page, you can register for the interest list. You will receive an e-mail when a new course edition opens for registration.

    • My Animal Research: Experimental Design

      You will be trained to make well considered choices in your experimental design, leading to a solid working protocol.
    • Introductory Biostatistics for Researchers (Online) - FULLY BOOKED

      This course provides an introduction in statistical methodology and discusses a number of statistical techniques for practical data analysis.
    • Research Planning and Time Management (2022-I)

      Learn how to set priorities and what personal time-management and self-management skills you need to carry out your plans!
    • Advanced R for Life Sciences (Online)

      Many researchers will need to apply statistical analysis in their work. Often, the R statistical language is chosen, since it is well established, free, and has many packages available for different tasks. If you want to be able to use the more powerful features of R, create visually attractive figures with ggplot, write concise and organized code that you can share with others, create automatically generated reports. This course gives you the knowledge to follow one of the subsequent courses of statistical analysis for omics technologies, and linear models with R.
    • Walk-in hours for all your questions on research data and software

      Joint Open & FAIR Walk-in Hours of RDM Support on Monday, from 3 till 5 pm for face-to-face advice about all kinds of questions related to research data and/or software. RDM experts will be present to answer all your questions.
    • PhD Career Services: Life Cycling

      Interested in a career outside academia? Curious about life sciences industry? Save the date for Life Cycling 2021!
    • Masterclass for PhD supervisors - Effective Go/No-Go process

      This masterclass is part of a series masterclasses for (co-)promotors, daily supervisors, and PhD-mentors. We will offer you a way of managing a conversation about possible (personal) issues with your PhD candidates. Your daily practice experiences will be used.
    • PhD Career Services: Future Crafting

      This workshop will help you broaden your perspective on different career options after your PhD by applying principles from Design Thinking.
    • Giving Effective Presentations - ONLINE (2022-VI)

      This intensive and hands-on course offers you the opportunity to get a fresh perspective on presenting.
    • Research Planning and Time Management (2022-III)

      Learn how to set priorities and what personal time-management and self-management skills you need to carry out your plans!