Supervising PhD candidates at the GSLS

If you are supervising a PhD candidate at the GSLS for the first time, it is mandatory at Utrecht University to follow the training course, Supervising PhD candidates at the GSLS. You need to follow this training during the first two years of supervising a PhD candidate. If you have had similar training for supervising PhD candidates from other graduate schools of Utrecht University or at another university, you can apply for a waiver with the dean of the faculty where you are appointed or with the director of doctoral education of the GSLS. If you are supervising for the first time, the other member(s) of the supervisory team of your PhD candidate has to be more experienced in PhD supervision.

You will have achieved the following learning objectives after the training:

  • You have reflected on your own supervision practice.
  • You have gained insights into your own strengths and development points, but also into those of your PhD candidate.
  • You will be able to apply didactical insights (theories) to your own supervision practices.
  • You have broadened your supervision skills (e.g., coaching & conversation skills, feedback skills).
  • You have practiced how to use effective ways to handle intercultural work situations.
  • You will be able to signal problem behaviours in time, and deal with difficult situations in your supervision practices from a broader perspective.
  • You have formulated, implemented and evaluated plans of how to optimize your supervision practices to meet the needs of your PhD candidates.
  • You have developed a personal supervision plan.

Completion of the training Supervising PhD candidates at the GSLS is mandatory for individuals applying for a Senior University Teaching Qualification (SKO).

The PhD Course Centre organizes the training 4 times a year. Check the Course Agenda for scheduled trainings and additional information. The trainings are marked with the black supervisor icon as shown below.

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