At the start of your PhD, arrange the following:

  • Choose one of the PhD programmes of the GSLS. Do this in consultation with your supervisors.

  • Contact your PhD programme coordinator to meet.

  • Appoint one or – preferably – two independent advisors together with your supervisors.

  • Register in MyPhD, the official registration system of Utrecht University. Do this as soon as the points above are arranged.

  • Complete the Training and Supervision Agreement (TSA) together with your supervisors. An individual training plan is part of the TSA. It has to be approved by your supervisory team, independent advisor(s) and PhD programme coordinator. It is mandatory to complete the TSA within 3 months after the start of your PhD.

  • Register for the compulsory training Responsible Conduct of Research - Year 1. You can find more information here.

  • Know your rights and responsibilities.

  • Know where you can go for support during your PhD journey.