Daily management of the Freudenthal Institute lies with Prof. Toine Pieters (general director).

The board team consists of Prof. Toine Pieters (head of the Freudenthal Institute and chair of the board team), dr. Michiel Doorman (research), dr. Emma Versteegh (education), ir. Berenice Michels (valorisation), a student representative (Elise Alkemade). The board is supported by Sven Hermans (secretary of the board) and Vera Cortenraede (secretarial support).

group photo of the members of the FI board
Board Freudenthal Institute 2022-2023 (top left to bottom center: Colette Bos, Paul Drijvers, Berenice Michels, Gjalt Prins, Elise Alkemade). Please note that the photo shows Gjalt Prins rather than Emma Versteegh.

Board and support

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