About us

The Freudenthal Institute (FI) is part of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University. Approximately 100 teachers, researchers, project and support staff work at the FI.

The FI consists of:

  • Science education research groups: biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics
  • U-Talent (in-depth knowledge and enrichment in science and technology)
  • History and Foundations of the Natural Sciences (HPS)
  • Teaching & Learning Lab

The mission of the Freudenthal Institute (FI) is to contribute to high-quality education in mathematics and the natural sciences through education, research and professionalization. Successful innovation in science education stands or falls with cooperation and knowledge sharing between teachers, developers, researchers, support staff and other stakeholders throughout the entire development chain at national and regional level. The FI wants to play a central role in this. Within FI, the focus is primarily on continuous learning trajectories in secondary, higher and post-initial education.


  • The FI plays an (inter)national pioneering role in the development and implementation of high-quality and innovative education in mathematics and the natural sciences.
  • The FI actively contributes to increasing the intake in teacher training.
  • The FI plays a pioneering role in the field of blended learning in secondary and higher education.
  • The FI promotes academic skills (History and Philosophy of Science) and normative professionalism in university science courses.
  • The FI strives for integration of education, research and professionalization within the physical and virtual environment of a Science Teaching & Learning Lab.
  • The FI strives for a structural, regional partnership with schools, targeting science talent development within U-Talent.

An overview of the FI's ambitions can also be found in our Strategic plan 2022-2027 (pdf).