Student at School (SOS)

Student at School (SOS) connects enthusiastic bachelor students to secondary schools in the Utrecht region. 

Our goal is to enthouse students for a career in education, and offer them some hands-on experiences. SOS students help support (exam)pupils with catching up on their lessons and curriculum, assist with ‘profielwerkstukken’ and support teachers during school projects. This way we help alleviate the shortage of teachers in education, both short-term by offering extra hands - and in the long run by stimulating students to become teachers. 

Why take part as a student

You will be linked to a school and start working online or on location. Learn to communicate and/or transfer expertise from within your field. Your tasks are determined in consultation with the school and a subject teacher. Examples:

  • Support exam students from 5 havo/6 vwo: helping students on their way with exam questions, explaining the teaching material and processing information.
  • Provide extra tutoring to eliminate learning disadvantages of (pre)exam students.
  • Provide support for teachers, for example in exam classes, but also and especially in other grades.
  • Answer digital (homework) questions from students.

Why participate as a school

SOS is a project in which students from Utrecht University come into contact with students and teachers from secondary education during their studies. They relieve the workload of teachers with supporting activities and are introduced to working in education. At the moment, students at thirteen U-Talent schools are already working digitally, but there are still enough students for all school subjects eager to help your school.