Strengthening and enriching education

U-Talent is collaboration between Utrecht University (UU), the HU University of Applied Sciences, and circa 50 secondary schools in the Utrecht region. Together we work on strengthening and enriching education. We organize activities for students, as well as teachers. In addition, U-Talent fulfills a network function for all partners.

Within the UU, U-Talent works together with the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Geosciences, and the bachelor programme Biomedical Sciences. In recent years U-Talent has expanded its range of topics and now also works together with the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences and the The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. The Freudenthal Institute is the co√∂rdinating and administrive partner of U-Talent.

U-Talent aims to achieve:

  • A better transition from secondary education to higher education.
  • Strengthened education in local secondary schools and higher education institutions.
  • Valorisation of scientific knowledge.

More information about U-Talent can be found on the U-Talent website (in Dutch)