The Freudenthal Institute is committed to social issues and tries to contribute to challenges in education. In addition, we try to spread our knowledge within the field. We do this through various projects and events:

  • Conferences
    The Freudenthal Institute organizes several annual conferences within the various sciences fields and overarching themes such as innovation, technology, and the bridge between secondary and higher education.
  • ECENT and ELWieR
    ECENT ELWieR is a network project for mathematicians and science teacher educators in the Netherlands.
  • Co-Teach Informatica
    Co-Teach Informatica is an innovative programme to offer computer science classes in secondary schools, at schools where no computer science teacher is available. 
  • U-Talent
    U-Talent bridges the gap between secondary and higher education through various projects and events for students in the greater Utrecht region.
  • Teaching & Learning Lab
    The Teaching & Learning Lab comprises a studio and two innovative teaching classrooms, in which experiments can be conducted with- and research into new forms of education.
  • Bèta4all
    Bèta4all is for people with a technical/exact university education who want to become a first-degree teacher in computer science, physics, chemistry or mathematics – and for existing teachers who want to delve into the exam topics.
  • Summerschools
    A special course offer for students from abroad