Grote Rekendag

During the ‘Grote Rekendag’, children of different ages join in to do exploratory calculations. Because this form of self-discovery provides insights that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. And it's a lot of fun too! 

What is the ‘Grote Rekendag’?

The ‘Grote Rekendag’ (Grand MathDay) is a day for groups 1 to 8 that is completely devoted to calculating. It is a day of inquiry-based learning and playful assignments. A day that shows that math is more than just making sums. A day that shows how much fun math can be.

The day is organized every year in the spring. More than a thousand primary schools from the Netherlands and Flanders are participating. 

Why does the ‘Grote Rekendag’ exist?

Mathematics is high on the agenda in Dutch primary education: extensive work is being done to further improve the math-ability of students. But the kids don't always enjoy the subject. The ‘Grote Rekendag’ makes math fun, and lets children discover how useful it can be to be able to count properly. That motivates, also later in the year!

The Grote Rekendag is for all primary schools in the Netherlands and Flanders. The whole school participates: the activities are for groups 1 to 8.

See also the external website of the Grote Rekendag  (in Dutch)