Studying at the Freudenthal Institute

The Freudenthal Institute provides bachelor and master courses in science communication and education, and the history and philosophy of science. In addition, the FI organizes activities for secondary education students and professionalization activities for science teachers.

  • Bachelor programme
    Students from all science bachelor programmes can choose from a number of communicative, educational, historical and philosophical courses. In addition, there is an educational minor aimed at obtaining a second-degree teaching qualification within your bachelor's degree, and a minor on the history and philosophy of the natural sciences. It is also possible to conduct research within the FI and to write a bachelor thesis.
  • Master programme
    The FI offers two master programmes: the Master in History and Philosophy of Science and the Master in Science Education and Communication.
  • In addition, the FI offers two profiles: the Communication and Education profile and the Educational Profile.
  • Secondary education
    Various activities for students, varying from the Ionizing Radiation Practicum to Maths for Teams, and activities for all HAVO / VWO years through U-Talent.
  • Alumni
    Contact with alumni of the Science Education and Communication, Nature and Environmental Education or Health Education programs.
  • Learning materials (Freudenthal Repository)
    Materials for school for mathematics, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and NLT.
  • Professionalization
    Professionalization activities for both VO and HO teachers and for teacher trainers.
  • TLL
    The central place at Utrecht University to experiment with and conduct research into new forms of education.