Master's programme Science Education and Communication

The two-year Master programme Science Education and Communication prepares students for career choices such as: teacher (biology, chemistry, physics, information technology); designer of educational websites; designer of exhibitions in science museums; or researcher and designer of science education. We offer two tracks; the Teacher Track and the Research & Development Track.
For more information, visit the Utrecht University Master selection site. Current SEC students can find detailed information about the programme on this website.

Master SEC Teacher Track

Master SEC Research and Development track


For students who are not doing the master's in Science Education and Communication, but who do have an interest in education and communication, the Freudenthal Institute offers two profiles. Check the Student site for your own master's programme to see the options withing your programme.

Communication Profile

The Communication (C) Profile offers students the opportunity to spend six months studying and teaching their discipline within their science research master.

(Top) researchers are expected to be able to make their field accessible to a wide audience. The C profile responds to this demand and offers students the opportunity to develop their communication and educational qualities.

For more information: read the flyer (pdf).

Educational Profile

Within the master's programs of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences and the Graduate School of Life Sciences, it is possible to obtain a second-degree teaching qualification in 30 EC via the Educational Profile. For those who have already completed an Educational Minor during their bachelor's degree and have thus obtained the second-degree authority, the Educational Profile leads to a first-degree authority.

For more information: read the flyer (pdf).