Secondary education

Please note: several of the links below refer to a Dutch language website.

The Freudenthal Institute offers various activities for secondary school students, namely:

  • U-Talent: activities in which secondary students can deepen and enrich their knowledge about science, technology, language, culture, people and society.
  • Mathematics D online (in Dutch): a program for student to follow Wiskunde D (Mathematics D) online.
  • Ionizing Radiation Practicum: experiments with radioactive sources and X-ray devices, in a practicum room at Utrecht University or at your own school.
  • Physics Olympiad: physics competition for students.
  • Mathematics in Teams: three annual mathematics days (Mathematics A-lympiad, Mathematics B-day, Onderbouw-wiskunde-dag: 'Lower Grades Mathematics Day') in which students spend a whole day working on a large mathematical assignment in teams of 3 or 4, with a paper as the end product.
  • Wisweb: a website with applets (interactive digital activities) that can easily be used in mathematics lessons.
  • Student op School: SOS offers secondary school the option to hire Utrecht University students to assist at school, i.e. with tutoring, assistance during classes or other related activities.