Dr. A.E. (Ton) van der Valk

Dr. A.E. (Ton) van der Valk

Assistant Professor
Freudenthal Institute
Freudenthal Institute
+31 6 44 918 807

Ton van der Valk has resigned as a science/physics educator/researcher within the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education in 2016. He still contributes to following activities in the areas of education, research and development.

His interests are physics education in secondary school, education for talented science students and inservice teacher education, in particular teaching talented students.

From 2015 to 2022 he was engaged in projects for supporting Physics education in Suriname.

From 2005 to 2014, he was the curriculum coordinator of Junior College Utrecht (JCU), now called the U-Talent programme, a cooperation of Universiy Utrecht with 40 secondary schools about promoting science talent development, see https://u-talent.nl/ .

He was the editor of the site www.betadifferentiatie.nl, providing student assignments for realising differentiation in upper secondary science and mathematics classes.

He taught the inservice teacher professional development course 'promoting excellence in science education'.

He participated in the Master Programme Science Education and Communication and in the project 'Nieuwe Natuurkunde in Suriname' (new physics in Surinam).