PhACE = PhD Activating Career Event

Many PhD candidates start their research thinking to continue with a career in academia, whereas only relatively few PhD candidates end up in long-term academic careers.
PhACE aims to help PhD candidates at the end of their doctorate to think about their future career.

Exploring your career options

During this 2-day event PhD candidates can ex­plore different career options the Dutch labour market has to offer. Do you want to stay in academia or not? What are the alternative possibilities and how do your skills and competences fit in these new career choices?

Registration PhACE 

The upcoming PhACE will be organized on Monday 24 & Tuesday 25 June 2024. 
Registration will open on Thursday 16 May 2024.


    During the event professionals that successfully completed their PhD and now work in different career fields talk about their careers during 4 discussion sessions. They share their experiences and talk about the skills needed to transfer to areas also outside academia. Beside the discussions with these professionals, 4 workshop sessions are offered. The goal of the workshops is to help you explore and improve your personal strengths and skills.

    Target group

    PhACE is organized for PhD candidates at Utrecht University and UMCU in the penultimate (usually third) year or last year of their PhD. 
    The event is mainly aimed at PhD candidates who had no or little work experience before they started their trajectory. 

    Future PhACE events

    In 2024 & 2025, more PhACE editions will be organized on:

    • Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 November 2024
    • Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 March 2025

    * these dates can be subject to change *