Independent advisor(s)

--- Independent advisors are formerly known as the supervisory committee (aio begeleidingscommissie) ---

At the start of your PhD journey, one or – preferably – two independent advisors need to be appointed (and registered in MyPhD); this is compulsory. Independent advisors are researchers in a field related to your PhD research field, but are not involved in your research project. They should be invited to this role by you and your supervisors at the beginning of your PhD journey. Your supervisors can help select them.

The independent advisor(s) do not have to be employed at UU or UMC Utrecht but may also be affiliated with another research institute (e.g. a KNAW institute, UMC, or university).

The role of an independent advisor is to provide independent advice to both you and your supervisory team concerning the progress (rate, direction) of your PhD journey. You will meet your independent advisors at least once a year to discuss your annual PhD progress report . Your independent advisors can also act as confidential support or a sparring partner, should you want to talk to someone outside of your supervisory team (see Support during your PhD).