Deze kalender biedt een overzicht aan geplande onderwijsgerelateerde conferenties binnen en buiten Europa.

Teaching & Learning Conferences
Event Date Location
14th International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC) 4/6-SEP-2019 Oxford Brookes University - UK
Annual Learning and Teaching Symposium ‘Connected Students’ 19-SEP-2019 Stratford - UK
European Conference on Service-Learning in Higher Education 19/21-SEP-2019 Antwerpen - BE

International Russian Higher Education Conference (RHEC), Contributions of Higher Education to Society

23/25- OCT - 2019 Moscow - RU
Student Experience Conference 4-NOV-2019 University of Derby - UK
SURF Onderwijsdagen 5/6-NOV-2019 Den Bosch - NL

Cultivating Transformative Theories and Practices in Higher Education and Student Affairs

8/9-NOV-2019 Pennsylvania - US
VSNU - EUA Conference on Recognition & Rewards 15-NOV-2019 Rotterdam - NL
TLL Herfstfestival 21-NOV-2019 Utrecht - NL
European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) 21/23-NOV-2019 Berlijn - DE
Learning Innovations and Quality (LINQ) 22-NOV-2019 Roermond - NL
Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference 2019 24/26-NOV-2019 Amsterdam - NL
Online Educa Berlin (OEB) 27/29-NOV-2019 Berlin - DE
ACA-CMPIOUS Conference 17/18-OKT-2019 Bled - SI
CHEPS conferentie "Meer halen uit Excellentie Onderwijs" 3-DEC-2019 Enschede - NL
Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Conference 2-JAN-2020 Warwick University - UK
Onderwijsparade Utrecht University 5-MAR-2020 Utrecht - NL
International Perspectives in Education 2020 2-3-APRIL-2020 Lesvos - GR
International Academic Identities Conference 22/24-JUN-2020 Roskilde - DK
Technology Enhanced Learning Festival 29JUN/2JUL-2020 Sheffield - UK
Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) 9/12-JUN-2020 Ottowa - CA
International Conference on Talent Development and Honors Education 2020 10/12-JUN-2020 Groningen - NL

European First Year Experience Conference (EFYE)

15/17-JUN-2020 Aarhus - DK
Toetsen & examineren in het HO spring 2020


Assessment in Higher Education (AHE) Conference

2-JULY-2020 Manchester - UK

European Higher Education Society Linking research, policy and practice (EAIR)

AUG-2020 Cork - IE
European Distance and E-learning Network (EDEN) Summer 2020  
Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society (PATHES) Fall 2020  
VSNU Onderwijsfestival 2020 to be announced