Research themes Faculty of Science

The research profile of the Faculty of Science builds on the scientific fundaments in the research institutes to work on various interdisciplinary societal challenges. These research themes are:

Life Sciences

Exploring the fundamentals of life through high-level research in the biosciences, aiming at future solutions for health and environmental challenges.

Science for Life
(part of strategic theme: Life Sciences)


Future Food

Bringing together fundamental research of Utrecht University related to health, behaviour and innovations for sustainable future food production. 

Future Food Utrecht
(part of strategic theme: Pathways to Sustainability)

Complex Systems

Science Complex Systems

Modeling complex systems for a better understanding of the spreading of infectious diseases, climate change, networks and big data.

Centre for Complex Systems Studies

Game Research

Employing games to allow users to practice, play, experiment, research, and learn in a safe and motivating environment.

Utrecht Center for Game Research


Science Bioinformatics

Strengthening data driven science, with a focus on a broad variety in biological research within Utrecht Life Sciences.

Utrecht Bioinformatics Center

Science education

Science Education (photo: Ivar Pel)

Education of good quality benefits everyone: both young and old. Well-educated people are beneficial for the community.

Freudenthal Institute


Science Climate

Predicting the changing climate and its interaction with ecosystems and the world sea and land ice.

Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht

Energy & Resources

Science Energy

Towards a sustainable energy and resource system within a world constrained by climate change and increasingly resource scarcity.

Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science

Institute for Sustainable and Circular Chemistry