Facts and Figures

Organisation, research and education at the Faculty of Science in facts and figures as of 1 January 2022.

International: 76 nationalities in our staff (including guests)


The Faculty of Science is organized in:

Staff members

  • total staff members: 1521 fte
  • academic staff: 1092 fte
  • PhD candidates: 492
Gradual growth of student numbers


We offer:

Number of students

In 2021, our faculty had 7763 students in total. Student numbers are increasing gradually over the past years.


Our research has 8 main topics: Life Sciences, Food, Complex Systems, Game Research, Bioinformatics, Science Education, Climate en Energy & Resources.

Publications in 2021

  • 1544 scientific publications
  • 111 dissertations

International recognition

We are proud to host a Nobelprize winner and 6 Spinoza Winners. Furthermore many of our researchers received ERC grants or Veni, Vidi or Vici grants. See our Prominent researchers.