Open Science at the Faculty of Science

The Faculty Open Science Team (FOST), with dean Isabel Arends as Chair, operates among the colleagues on the work floor and in close cooperation with the UU-wide Open Science programme and the Open Science Community Utrecht (OSCU).

Members Of The Faculty Open Science Team

The team members aim to arrive at an effective implementation of the five UU Open Science themes in consultation with everyone at the faculty.

The FOST intends to do this in several ways:

  • Set up frameworks for rolling out Open Science within the faculty;
  • Collect ideas from colleagues about the implementation of Open Science;
  • Inform faculty members, for example about the support of RDM support considering FAIR data; 
  • Remove barriers to Open Science, e.g. to Open Access publishing;
  • Provide knowledge and practical tools, to learn from one another.


The FOST operates on the themes the UU Open Science Programme works on:

Open Access

Research results and data are accessible for society and fellow scientists.
Contact: Ginny Farias Galdames 
For Open Access support you can also contact the Open Access Officer Maria Constantin.

Fair data & software

Our colleagues can replicate all our results.
Contact: Ioanna Lykourentzou

Public engagement

Society recognizes and understands which scientific research is being conducted, and why.
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Contact: Erik van Sebille

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Contact: Nieske Vergunst 

Recognition and rewards

A respected scientific CV includes more than just scientific publications and grants.
Contact: Toine Egberts, Claudia Cozijnsen

Open Education

Rethinking education by opening up educational resources and teaching students open science practices and values.
Contact: Maura Burke

Feel free to approach the members of the Faculty Open Science Team for any question and suggestion you want to share regarding Open Science:

Employees of the university can find extensive information about Open Science in the Faculty of Science on the intranet (login required).