Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone should feel at home at Utrecht University. We believe that having a diverse staff enriches the academic debate and that people are entitled to equal opportunities. The Faculty of Science strives to have a diverse composition, and has therefore formulated a faculty diversity policy aiming for a diverse academic pool that consists of employees with different ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual orientation and cultural backgrounds. That diversity will make the faculty a better and more pleasant place to work.

“Discrimination isn’t an option”

Ronald Pierik, former chair of the faculty EDI committee, has this to say about an active diversity policy: “The purpose of our policy is to build an organisation that makes optimal use of the available intellectual capital. Talent is by definition scarce, so we must utilise all of the available talent offered by all of the available people. That will also enrich our knowledge. Diversity creates an environment where talent can flourish. Appointing more female scientists, for example, isn’t just good for the quality of research, but also because the alternative - discriminating against women - simply isn’t an option. And especially not at a university, which is one of the organisations that are expected to take the lead and set a good example.”

Safe social climate

A safe social climate for all students and staff is important to us. We treat one another with respect. Nevertheless, it is always possible that you may be approached in an inappropriate manner, for example in the form of (sexual) intimidation, discrimination, aggression, violence or bullying. To eliminate the inappropriate behaviour, it is important that we bring it up for discussion and hold one another accountable. You should be able to discuss your problems with anyone, but we also have dedicated confidential advisors with whom you can discuss the issue or incident. The confidential advisors are required to maintain strict confidentiality when handling complaints and reports.

Diversity in practice

We encourage diversity in our HR policy, for example by offering leave schemes to help maintain a good work-life balance. Campaigns like I am a Scientist emphasise that every employee is appreciated just the way they are.

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions about our EDI policy, please feel free to contact the members of the Faculty of Science EDI Committee.

University employees can find more information about equality, diversity & inclusion and how you can contribute to it yourself on the intranet (login required).