The final responsibility for the education in the Bachelor's programs provided by the Undergraduate School (UGS) of the Faculty of Science rests with the Vice Dean of Education. The day-to-day management of the School rests with the director of the UGS, who is also chairman of the Board of Studies (BoS).

Board of Studies UGS

The Board of Studies is the administrative consultation and advisory body that advises the director in the performance of his duties. Short reports of the Board of Studies meetings are available via the BoS-UGS team site.

Composition of the Board of Studies UGS 2023-2024

  • Prof. dr. A.K. (Aukje) Mantel-Teeuwisse (Director/Chairman)
  • Dr. A.A.J. (Annik) van Keer (Secretary)
  • Dr. S.I. (Inge) The (Programme Director Biology)
  • Prof. dr. dr. R.J. (Robbert Jan) Kok (Director of education Pharmacy)
  • Dr. R. J. (Roland) Geraerts (Programme Director Informatics)
  • Dr. ir. J.M.E.M. (Jan Martijn) van der Werf (Programme Director Information Science)
  • Dr. C.H. (Carleen) Tijm-Reijmer (Programme Director Physics and Astronomy)
  • Dr. E.G. (Eric) Huizinga (Programme Director Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences)
  • Prof. dr. P.C.A. (Pieter) Bruijnincx (Chemistry Education Director)
  • Dr. mr. B.N. (Barbara) van den Berg (Director of education Mathematics & Mathematics and Applications)
  • Dr. M.C.P.J. (Christine) Knippels (Programme Director Freudenthal Institute)
  • I.S. (Ids) Jaarsma (Student board member)
  • F.E.M. (Frederique) Pruijn, MSc (Secretary support)