Recognition and rewards at the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science implements a new way of recognising and rewarding. As of 1 November 2021 the new and more open procedure applies to our full professors.

All detailed information about the new process and criteria is available in these documents:

Triple Vision: Team, Research, Impact, Professional Performance, Leadership, Education

Major change in our process is that we also value the competencies Leadership and Team Spirit. The core domains still are Education, Research and Impact; together with the domain of Professional performance, these constitute the domains that generate outcomes for academia and society. As a professor you don’t have to excel in all the domains. 

Procedure Full Professor
Procedure Full Professor

The way in which we recognise and reward will change for all faculty members within a few years. This change is part of our transition to Open Science, aiming to accelerate and improve science and scholarship and its societal impact. This calls for a full commitment to openness, based on a comprehensive vision regarding the relationship with society.

Read the UU vision on Recognition and Rewards (pdf)