Novel sustainability insights are deeply rooted in fundamental research in the natural sciences.

Science for Sustainability (S4S) forms an inclusive and inspiring platform for interaction between researchers, lecturers, and students interested in solutions for sustainability issues. The S4S community strengthens the enormous potential of Utrecht University’s natural sciences to address societal challenges in the field of sustainability. The transition to a sustainable society is a challenge that requires both immediate and sustained research into new technologies, materials, processes, and methods.

Supporting Science, Aspiring Sustainability

We believe that sustainable development is, in addition to social sciences, dependent on natural sciences grounded in fundamental research. We aspire to connect, represent, and stimulate researchers from the natural sciences with ambitions to solve sustainability issues.

We aim to connect natural scientists and raise awareness about their research, leading to sustainability-focused collaborations inside and outside of the university. Science for Sustainability fosters and presents new and existing research collaborations to increase visibility and public awareness. Ultimately, we hope that the sum of these efforts leads to more sustainability-focused research.

Pathways to Sustainability

Science for Sustainability is one of the communities within Pathways to Sustainability, a strategic theme of Utrecht University.
Excellent researchers from the humanities, social and natural sciences work together with external partners to develop a more sustainable society.