19 September 2019
Crops still have the genes required to survive flooding, but they seem to have lost the ability to activate these genes, like rice does.
Hans Oerlemans maakt aantekeningen op een gletsjer. Foto: Astrid Van Wesenbeeck
18 September 2019
The IGS especially the important contribution to the glaciological community of Hans Oerlemans (Professor Emeritus of Meteorology).
Hanne Borgers
17 September 2019
Pharmacy student Hanne Borgers has won the NK-Consultation this year. This makes her the best pharmacist student in helping patients.
13 September 2019
“Non-standard astrolabes were basically 11th century gadgets,” says Pouyan Rezvani, who defends his PhD thesis on 25 September.
Maarten Altelaar
12 September 2019
As of 15 September, researcher Maarten Altelaar has been appointed Professor in Pharmaceutical Proteomics.
11 September 2019
Utrecht researchers publish new technology for measuring protein activity in cells, which enables detection of diseases such as cancer at an early stage.
9 September 2019
Utrecht research will contribute in developing fungus-based bricks that make building materials more sustainable and self-repairing.
Ole Pedersen
5 September 2019
Utrecht scientists have discovered how plants can quickly detect that they are under water when flooded and initiate processes that prevents them from drowning.
4 September 2019
In a publication in Science Advances, the researchers show a large regional difference between melt in North and South Greenland.
2 September 2019
This year’s winner of the Westerdijk Award is Ana Ros Camacho, researcher at the Mathematics Institute.