Exchange students

Undergraduate Students

Most undergraduate exchange students visit us to do courses. You can participate in undergraduate courses if there is an agreement for study. Level 1 and 2 undergraduate courses are taught in Dutch, 3rd level courses may be offered in English. For an overview of English taught Bachelor courses please look at OSIRIS course offering: select Faculty (Science); select Category/Level (bachelor advanced)  and select Subsidiary courses (Yes). We offer courses in Physics (codes starting with NS-), Informatics and Computer Science (INFO), Mathematics (WISB) and Chemistry (SK-).

Graduate Students

Graduate exchange students can:

  • visit us to do a research project (= placement, takes at least 15 ECT). An Erasmus+ agreement is mostly not necessary.
  • do only courses (= study). Your home university must have an agreement with Utrecht University, All departments of the Science faculty have partners they made agreements with. All graduate courses are taught in English, except courses taught to Dutch professional education and Pharmacy. Exchange students for Biology and Pharmacy can only do a research project (you can discuss the possibility to do a course with the supervisor of your research project in Utrecht).
  • combine courses and projects into an individual program of one or two semesters.

Check the information at your home university or contact your local international officer to see if exchange with Utrecht University is possible. Please read the information sheet for visiting exchange students and the practical information carefully.