Committees of the Faculty Council

The content-related duties within the Faculty Council are divided among four committees. Members and their seats on the various committees for the council year 2022-2023:

Committee for Finance, Housing, Business Operations (com. FHB)

Bert Janssen (chair)
Saban Çaliskan (vice chair)
Johan Rozenbrand
Stephen Snelders
Henrita van Zanten
Casper Bruijning
Emma Holler

Committee for Education, Research and Student Affairs  (com. OOS)

Suzan Ruijtenberg (chair)  
Ids Jaarsma (vice chair)
Bert Janssen
Renate Jaarslag
Iris Ren
Gerhard Blab
Jasmijn den Hollander

Committee for Strategy and Personnel (com. SP)

Johan Rozenbrand (chair)  
Emma Holler (vice chair)
Iris Ren
Suzan Ruijtenberg
Saban Çaliskan
Ids Jaarsma
Henrita van Zanten
Stephen Snelders

Committee for Public Relations (com. PR)

Jasmijn den Hollander (voorzitter)
Gerhard Blab
Casper Bruijning
Renate Baarslag

If you have a specific question for one of the Faculty Council committees, please contact the chair of that committee.