Operational management

The core business of the Faculty of Science is research and education. Operational management facilitates this.

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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is a network organisation. The Secretaries of the various departments work together with policy officers and administrational support staff to ensure the smooth running of the Faculty and its departments.


The Communication Department offers expert advice in Educational Marketing, Internal and external communication, Online communication and Design.

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Facility Management & Housing

Facility Management & Housing ensures that appropriate facilities are available for teaching, research and services within the Faculty of Science. Facility Management & Housing has two main teams: Health, Safety & the Environment and Housing

Finance & Control

Finance & Control supports the financial process in the Faculty of Science, in particular the budgetting and reporting process. The team consists of departmental controllers, project controllers and project administrators.

Human Resources

The Human Resource Department offers advice and support to management and employees. The Department consists of Advice and Management.
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ICT-Bèta is concerned with IT-specific support of Education, Research, and faculty Services. Our aim is to be flexible, to share knowledge, and to provide efficient and effective solutions to posed problems. ICT-Bèta provides support in co-operation with the University Information and Technology Services (ITS).

Scientific instrumentation

The expertise of Scientific Instrumentation is formed by the departments Engineering, Production, service & maintenance and the Glass Workshop.

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Student and Academic Affairs

Student and Academic Affairs aims to provide the appropriate policy support required by both the Undergraduate and Graduate Schools, as well as offering support for any practical matters involving in teaching. Both students and staff can contact Student & Academic Services to deal with issues such as time-tabling, details of programmes, academic advice, study guides and programme enrolment.
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Research and Impact Policy

The Department Research and Valorisation supports and advices the board and researchers on research and valorisation. The Research Support Office (RSO) is part of this domain. Researchers can come to the RSO for information about grant opportunities and procedures and to receive advice and support when preparing applications and entering into contracts. The RSO is also the first point of contact for outreach or impact activities pertaining to research. The RSO can bring researchers into contact with the right parties (such as Utrecht Holdings) for business development and intellectual property protection (incl. patents). To contact the RSO, simply send an e-mail to science.rso@uu.nl