Ways of collaboration

The faculty wants to build a bridge between science and actual practice. It also wants to be a knowledge partner to the government, the business world and social organisations. There are different ways in which to cooperate with the Faculty of Science.

Joint research

The cooperation between senior researchers of the Faculty of Science and companies that have their own R&D departments is often focused on sharing technology and data. The expertise of both parties is complementary and can lead to great research results ensuing from the cooperation project.


A much-used and accessible form of cooperation is created by converting a knowledge question into an internship assignment. This involves research being conducted by one or more Science students assisted by a senior researcher. Visit the internship website of Utrecht University for contact information.

Case study in education

Another form of cooperation is submitting a knowledge question which is then studied as a case study in education.  In the subject, a team of students is supervised by a lecturer from the professional field. The client is thus presented with a sound advice or tailor-made product.