Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Faculty of Science 2021 – 2025

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The target figures of our faculty’s strategy mainly focus on gender diversity. However, diversity and inclusion is much more than just gender and includes ethnicity, age, health, sexual orientation, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds. These areas are just as important for our policies, but are not recorded quantitatively.

Target figures

We have adopted the target figures for gender diversity among assistant, associate and full professors by 2025. These target figures strive to realise an ambitious, but realistic percentage based on hiring and promotion numbers. Most new positions at the faculty are filled at the assistant professor level.

Percentage of women in 2021: 16% professors, 25% associate professors, 31% assistant professors
Percentage of women in 2021
Target percentage of women in 2021: 25% professors, 35% associate professors, 40% assistant professors
Target percentage of women in 2025
Diversity in management 2021


Faculty Board (excluding student members)50%50%
Department heads0%100%
Department management (excluding student members)40%60%


Target diversity in management 2025
Faculty Board (excluding student members)50%50%
Department heads33%67%
Department management (excluding student members)40%60%


In accordance with the UU diversity policy, in the future we will strive to achieve a more diverse composition for the team of department heads and management.

The faculty follows the university’s strategy in the area of equality, diversity and inclusion. We will make eager use of the possibilities created by the strategy, and will actively contribute to its implementation. We will also develop initiatives of our own at every level of the faculty, with and for our students and staff.


Faculty of Science EDI plan 2021-2025 (pdf)