Reserved Accommodation for Bachelor's Degree Students (Sept. '24)

The information on this page is for new international Bachelor's degree students who are planning to enrol per September 2024.

Reserved Accommodation programme

The Reserved Accommodation Programme offers furnished rooms and studios for new international students who meet the conditions. Because offers are limited, it is not guaranteed that you can find housing this way. 


Conditions for Bachelor's degree students
  • You plan to enrol in the first year of an English-taughtUU Bachelor's degree programme per September 2024, and;

  • This is your first enrolment at a Dutch Educational Institution. You do not live and have not previously lived in the Netherlands, and;

  • You are looking to rent for a fixed rental period of 12 months. If you are searching for housing for a shorter rental period, it is not possible to apply.

  • * Exemption: Students who require a visa and/or residence permit are exempt from the English-taught condition. This means that you can apply for housing if you require a permit, even if your programme is (partly) taught in Dutch.

When and how to apply 

Housing applications for first year international degree students who are planning to enrol per September 2024 opens in the Spring of 2024. When to apply and more information will be announced on these webpages around April 2024. 

Important to know

  • Offers are limited

    Placing a reservation is not guaranteed. Because the run for housing is high, also anticipate that you might not be able to book.

  • Rental periods are fixed

    The agreements have fixed start and end dates. It is not possible to rent longer or shorter or cancel the agreement prematurely. 

  • One year only

    Even if you plan to study in Utrecht for multiple years, it is only possible to rent in your first 12 months of studies.

Other ways to find housing

The UU Reserved Accommodation Programme is limited and availability is not guaranteed. Be aware that not all students are able to book housing this way and also explore other ways to find housing in advance.

Other ways to find housing

Register for SSH Long Stay

Are you enrolling in a multiple year degree programme? You can already register with SSH Long Stay. We strongly advise you to do so because this will increase your chances of finding housing at a later stage in your studies. 

Register for SSH Long Stay