Sports & leisure

University Sports Centre Olympos

The University offers its students a wide range of possibilities for sports and recreation. Sports centre Olympos is situated at De Uithof and has several football (soccer) fields, a rugby pitch, hockey fields, a golf practicing course, (outdoor) tennis courts, squash courts, a fitness room and three sports halls.

Cultural Centre Parnassos

Parnassos is the Cultural Centre of Utrecht University. Parnassos offers a large number of creative, informative and skill enhancing courses in music, theatre, photography, and dance, for students at very reasonable prices as well as seasonal specials. Most of these courses are in Dutch, but a considerable number of them are (optionally) in English.

Studium Generale

Do you love learning new things, knowing different perspectives and meeting interesting people? Studium Generale, the public platform for knowledge & reflection of Utrecht University invites you to come to our free lectures and events. We organise public events with scientists and thinkers at the interface of science and society, including lectures, talk shows and movie screenings. We pose thought-provoking questions beyond the borders of disciplines. No registration is needed, everyone is welcome and entrance is free!

Student organisations

There are many different student organisations and societies in Utrecht. Some of them are internationally oriented – such as the Erasmus Student Network, the International Neighbour Group (ING) and AEGEE - or are associated with a certain Graduate School. In addition to social activities, they organise lectures and excursions.

Green Office Utrecht

Green Office Utrecht (GOU) is the platform for students and employees of Utrecht University where sustainable ideas are shaped, plans are put together and projects are launched, all with the objective of making the university more sustainable. We also raise awareness among students and staff about the sustainable achievements and ambitions of the UU. Come join the GOU community and check out their website here!