Goin' App

Goin': Connect Now with your future classmates!

Goin’ is an app developed by students for all students admitted to Utrecht University to connect based on hobbies, interests, study and more even before you arrive in Utrecht!

The use of this app is not mandatory. It is a free service for new students to help you find your classmates, make friends and experience the UU community before arrival.

How can you get Goin'?

If you have been admitted to Utrecht University, you will have received an e-mail with the registration link for the app. This ensures that only students admitted to UU can use the app. Please do not share this link with other students who have not been admitted.

If you did not receive the link, please send an e-mail to pre-departure@uu.nl.

Why download the Goin' App?

  • Goin’ is an extremely easy way to find and connect with others to get more out of your time abroad. Join groups, events and connect with your future classmates even before you arrive!
  • Directly connected! Goin’ enables you to find students who are also goin’ to Utrecht University. Find future classmates, people with common interests or students from your home country.
  • Join groups to explore activities with like-minded students. Choose between a variety of groups or start your own!
  • Find your future (class)mates! Filter based on study, nationality and more to make connections before you arrive. You can ask people who are going through the same struggles questions and arrange all your to-dos together!

You can download the app here

Apple: App store Goin' App

Android: Google Playstore Goin' App


Because using this app is optional, we require your consent to process your personal data. We need to process certain personal data (name, e-mail address) to create a profile. Any other additional information you want to share is optional. Choosing not too will not prevent you from using the app. One-on-one conversations will not be monitored. Group conversations will be moderated to prevent inappropriate use of the app or if a student raises a concern. Your data and the content of your conversations will be stored as long as you are using the app. Once you decide to delete your profile or stop using the app, we will delete your data. We will of course let you know before anything is deleted.

You are welcome to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Goin' or privacy@uu.nl.