Events and activities

Utrecht University organises a range of events and activities for admitted, incoming and current International Students to help you feel at home in Utrecht!

Pre-Departure Weeks

The Pre-Departure weeks are a series of webinars and online sessions to help prepare students admitted to a bachelor’s, master’s or exchange programme optimally for their arrival in Utrecht!

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Warm Welcome

At Utrecht University, we aim to give all our international students a Warm Welcome, not just when you arrive in Utrecht but throughout your time here.

UU Welcome Week

When you arrive, you will be invited to join our Welcome Week to help you get to know the university, the city of Utrecht and each other! We hope this will help you get settled and ready for your upcoming studies!

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Other Events

During the year, the Warm Welcome Team organises a number of activities and events for all international students, including bar lectures, winter and summer programmes and many other interesting events to help you learn more about Dutch culture (both academically and socially). Check our Instagram to stay up to date about all our activities and see what we do.

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