Do's and Don'ts during your search

Finding housing in Utrecht is extremely difficult and has its own typicalities. Below you can find do's and don’ts you should take in account during your search for housing. 


  • Be realistic with your expectations

    Plan a realistic housing budget and expect to spend a lot of time on your search in the months before your arrival. Make sure to take note of all the difficulties you may come to face when you search for housing.

    Spread your chances

    There are usually numerous people who respond to an ad. Being selected for a (group) viewing from a large number of respondents can be very competitive. So keep responding to offers via multiple platforms, housing providers and pages, even if you already arranged some viewings! 

  • Search outside Utrecht

    Most neighbouring towns are within cycling distance, but they also have good access to public transport. It can increase your chances of finding housing if you broaden your search to a bigger region. Also include travel costs in your housing budget.

    Use and build your network

    Tenants can often select a new housemates among their friends and fellow students. Because of this, try to actively build and use your social network, join a student organisation or mentor / buddy programme, and ask friends and peers to keep an eye out for offers.


  • Don't postpone your search

    Finding student housing on your own can take up a lot of time and effort. It is important to take this in consideration and start your search several months prior to your admission. 

  • Don't be too picky

    You may find offers that do not (exactly) match your preferences because they are temporary, unfurnished, less central, more expensive etc. But don’t be too picky! It can still be a good landing place from where you can continue your search for a more permanent place to stay.

  • Don't focus on finding housing with your friend(s)

    Most housing offers for students are only suitable for a single tenant. If you search as a student group or pair you will find that most landlords and agencies prefer working tenants. House or flat sharing is also not always allowed due to local regulations. Because of these reasons searching with a group rarely works out.

  • Don’t arrive without housing

    It can lead to a very stressful situation if you arrive without having arranged housing. We advise you to reconsider your enrolment if you have not found housing before the start of your studies in Utrecht.