Upcoming students in the Netherlands

Good to know

All international students, except students from EU/EEA and Switzerland, who wish to attend Utrecht University for more than 3 months are obliged to obtain a Dutch study residence permit.

Dutch residence permits are issued by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). You cannot apply to the IND for an entry visa (MVV) and/or residence permit (VVR) for study purposes yourself. The Visa Office at Utrecht University will apply on your behalf. This means we are your only point of contact during the residence permit application procedure.

Which permits are required?

  • MVV = Entry visa to enter the Netherlands. The MVV is only valid for 3 months and will be collected at the Dutch embassy in your home country or the nearest country to your home.
  • VVR = Study Residence Permit. The VVR will be valid for your entire study period and will be collected in the Netherlands after arrival.

Check the information below to see if you require a MVV (entry visa) and/or VVR (residence permit) to study in the Netherlands.

Students from EU/EEA country, or Switzerland

No MVV and VVR needed

Students from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New-Zealand, South Korea, UK, or the USA.

You need a VVR only

Students with a valid* residence permit from another Schengen country (*Must be at least valid until Dutch residence permit is obtained)

You need a VVR only

Students from all other countries

You need a MVV and VVR

Students who already hold a valid Dutch residence permit

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